This is a website/platform where users can watch their favorite Indian Tv shows anytime and anywhere they want. The application was launched on 24 May 2021 and is available free of cost for users. Here, you can find multiple TV channels on the platform and stream the content accordingly. You can access the channel or show of your choice to watch anytime.

This application is available free of cost and can be downloaded using an APK from the browser, though it might contain some advertisements and pop-ups on the interface. The platform is available as a web-based as well in the form of an application to use. There are multiple alternatives of MHDTVWORLD available on the Internet which you can use too in case you want. Some of them are provided below:

  • is a movie, Tv show, and web series streaming website through which you can watch any shows or web series available on the platform in the comfort of your home. It is available in two variants including the Free or Premium version which you can opt for according to your choice. 
  • Netflix- Netflix is an exclusive app in which you have to opt for paid services to watch any web series or movie. You can opt for any plan that suits you best from the menu provided on the interface of the app. Thereafter you can stream the latest web series ads-free and conveniently. 
  • Zee5- Zee5 is a Tv show streaming application in which you can watch shows available on ZEE TV. Users can watch those shows 24 hours before it aired on the channel through the paid services provided by the application.
  • However, it is not necessary to opt for paid service and you also stream some Tv shows, movies, and web series free of cost. You can encounter various latest movies and web series on the Mhd TV platform which you can enjoy. It is one of the most used streaming websites in India with 21.4 Million visits to date. 

Various other streaming websites function almost similarly to mhd tv and provide strong competition to the platform.


This app is a popular Tv show streaming platform in which various Tv channels and Tv shows are available to stream anytime in the comfort of your own space.