Online dating is something that has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Social media is probably one of the biggest inventions since the widespread use of the internet among people. With the help of social media, different people have been able to connect with people from their personal lives who live far away, and also have been able to meet new people from different parts of their country and also the rest of the world.

    These days, social media helps people not only connect with each other, but also to explore more and find new, interesting things to do. However, there has always been a notion where many people tend to use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for dating purposes. Therefore, a new age of dating apps was established where new social media platforms were created particularly for the purpose of dating.

    Though some of the most popular dating apps these days are Tinder, Bumble and Hinge, in our article we will tell you about another dating site that is quickly rising in popularity. Read our article to find out more.


    Mega Personal is an online platform that is meant for people who are into casual dating to find people they can do stuff with. This platform is free and super easy to use, and the convenience of this is that one does not need to create a new account or register for anything at all. All one has to do is enter the country they are from and the platform does the job of finding people from your country who you can hang out with.

    This app is good if you just want to casually talk to people around you without giving out your identity, and also if you don’t want anything serious with anyone. While dating apps are mostly used by people who want to find a potential life partner, many use it for casual stuff as well. Now, the option of taking things further is always there, so do as you please.

    Features of MegaPersonals

    If you are newly learning about the platform of MegaPersonals, then you might be looking for some of its features. Take a look at this list to find out:

    • This app is completely free to use. You won’t have to pay any money to use this app.
    • You won’t have to create an account or register yourself to this platform like you do on other platforms. This enables you to stay anonymous. You just need to enter the country you belong from. You can easily find people from your country to connect with.
    • It has been proven that people who used this platform had a positive experience. So, if you wish to have a hassle-free experience as well, you can easily go and get this app.
    • It is safe to use and has a platform that can be navigated easily. You don’t have worry about running into any shady malware or any complications.
    • The biggest feature of this platform is that it is completely ad free.

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