Social media has now become a significant means of entertainment, with almost every individual having an account. And yes, having a TikTok account means keeping up with trends, celebrities, and influencers. Megan Guthrie is one of the many TikTok-famous influencers, who has millions of followers. The American-based star is known by her online name – Megnutt02. She keeps up mostly with her fashion content, followed by other niches like lifestyle, comedy, and lip-sync videos. To know more about her life and interesting details like Megnutt02 Tiktok’s famous birthday and age in 2023, continue browsing further: 

Megnutt02 TikTok famous birthdays and quick biography 

Megnutt02, or Megan Guthrie Alias, was born into a well-to-do Christian family on February 14, 2002. Given the year she was born, she will turn 21 in 2023. Her birthplace is Miami, and she lived a common man’s life until her social media life instantly spiked.  

Megnutt02’s physical attributes, height, and weight

Meghan has a fair complexion, with amusing hazel hair and brown eyes. Her height is approximately 5’8 ft and weighs 121 pounds

Family of Megnutt02

Meghan has set a strict boundary not to disclose any personal information, including that of her parents. As such, her parents are unknown. However, we do know that she has a loving father, a mom, and a stepbrother. 

Childhood and educational background of Megnutt02

Megnutt02 Tiktok’s famous birthdays celebrate her birthday each year on 14 Feb. She has lived an ordinary life most of her life, so her childhood is not much known. Only after 2019, when she joined Tiktok, her life drastically changed.

Moreover, Meghan Guthrie keeps her educational background private. However, it is speculated that she attended a local school in Miami and completed her graduation.

Professional career of Megnutt02 

‘Megnutt02’ is the identity of Megan Guthrie, who’s renowned all over Instagram and TikTok. Megan receives several brand collaboration deals and modelling offers, through which she makes a living. 

Megnutt02 boyfriend 

Megan is currently speculated to be single, as she has never conveyed anything about her dating life. 

Notable achievements of Megnutt02 

Meghan was born into an ordinary family. Considering her background, she has done an incredible job to reach where she is today. This transition from nobody to such a huge personality has to be Megan’s biggest achievement. 

Megnutt02 on social media 

Megan has over 12 million followers on TikTok, 1.5 million followers on Instagram, 21k subscribers on YouTube, and around 6k on Twitch

Megnutt02 net worth 

Meghan has worked with a lot of mega brands to date and accumulated a total of $1 million as her net worth – mostly coming from her socials.


Every piece of information available has been used and compiled into this article. Megan retains a very private life, despite having such a big social media profile. And by the time you are here, you must have known so much about Meghan Guthrie, and learned minute details like megnutt02 tik tok famous birthdays date, age, boyfriend, net worth, and more!