The term or the statement stating that a “Customer-friendly shopping experience” refers or identifies itself to all the encounters or the meet ups and feelings that or the real goodwill a customer has or holds up to or throughout the moments or during his purchase journey with or along the connections within a company or the agency. Norraco Transact recognizes that building lasting relationships with customers involves creating a seamless and enjoyable experience at every stage of their engagement. It begins or commences from the point that well before or prior to the actual transaction and continues or holds toward the end and even beyond that.

    Importance of a good Purchasing Experience : 

    Let us discuss the fact about why or what is the reason a good purchasing experience is important or significant for the sole purpose of a company or the agency before or prior to we get or obtain the starting thing.

    Customers are willing and even wanting to pay a premium for the sole purpose of a superior purchase process or the methodology .  As or in the form of a result or outcome, customer or the related user behaviour has or traversed changed, showing or indicating that their loyalty is no longer and identified through the means based or dependent on valuation or product related outcome , but on their relation of the dependent experience, which is the or defined as or within the forms of primary distinction between or throughout the bonds between the related brands.

    As a result or the outcome the shopping experience is important or way too significant for the sole purpose of gaining customer loyalty based experience and increasing or incrementing brand publicity, and gaining or acquiring leads.

    Elements of or associating to the Purchasing based Experience

    We recommend or suggest four or a count of pillars to guide or connect to your strategic actions to implement in both offline and online or web oriented channels.

    Close relational Collaboration :

    One of the most important or the bestest significant difficulties and actions in the buying experience or the purchasing encounter is to communicate or interact with your customers and keep them connected to all your channels offline and also on the web oriented means or online method. The customer cannot touch or feel the product when shopping online or through web oriented means. 

    How to improve Customer-friendly shopping experience :

    Pay attention to the connected touchpoint :

    As we say the shopping experience applies to all the ways or the impacts you touch and interact or even communicate with consumers. 

    Encourage and publish or imprint customer reviews or the groups :

    Customer feedback is or identified as the best or the perfect feedback. While your designers, marketers, and retail associates may know or are aware of the fact that the ins and outs of your products, customers are the individuals who purchase or just buy and also utilise or use them. 


    In the world or the fast pacing time span of retail, the journey doesn’t end or the time span or the when a customer makes or prepares a purchase or the buying; it’s only or the primary reason is the beginning or the commencement of what’s or the procedure known as the post-purchase or the buying experience. This critical phase has or holds within it a profound impact on customer loyalty or the required determination, whether or at the moment in the digital or the web oriented realm of eCommerce or the physical and the existing space of brick as well as the mortar retail relation.