Free educational tutorials & courses are available on JoinPD on a number of subjects. Participants may engage in interactive lectures and conversations from the convenience of their own places of residence or work by attending Pear Deck sessions. Teachers can keep track of each student’s work and save it to a Google Sheet for more assessment.

    Joinpd: How To Join A Presentation?

    An access code is given to the delegate whenever the instructor creates the presentation & uploads it to JoinPD, which the teacher then shares to each person in the group to aid in answering questions. On the contrary, a teacher has the power to control and restrict students’ activities on JoinPD. The ability to prevent students from editing or otherwise changing the responses that they have submitted so that all participants’ progress can be monitored is one of the highlights of JoinPD that educators value.

    What Is Unique About JoinPD?

    Successful interaction amongst teachers and pupils is crucial to achieving positive academic results. JoinPD transforms education through promoting collaboration and participation through an easy interface, creating stronger teamwork and enhanced educational results.

    Joinpd: Logging In Is Easy!

    The features provided by JoinPD are outstanding. Students may have unique IDs made by instructors. You can provide certain students who have access permission to have access to certain resources. The various IDs are generated using various presentations. You may give your students access to certain presentation IDs by sharing them with them. Because the JoinPD platform has integrated login APIs for easier accessibility, instructors may quickly sign up using Microsoft and Google credentials.

    Joinpd: Easy To Use Interface

    The appealing and interesting user experience of the JoinPD site guarantees that your students won’t become tired or bored. The menu for JoinPD navigation is offered to make the contents more accessible. You won’t get tired after a while because the color palette is appealing to the eye. It is simple & convenient to locate the lessons because of the navigation. The subject categories from the curriculum are accessible for browsing on JoinPD. To captivate the viewer’s attention, the property is given special prominence. In a comparable way, you can add cartoons & demographic data to your lectures on JoinPD. There are several popular characters available to make your teaching entertaining. Students and users of the JoinPD platform will find the whole layout to be appealing. The presentations will be attractive to your students on JoinPD.

    JoinPD: Join Code

    JoinPD will produce a Join Code after your presentation is finished. Using this JoinPD code will allow anyone, including your students, to view your presentation. Sign in using an existing JoinPD profile or create a new one. Select ‘Present with Pear Deck’ from the option list. You will be given a five digit Join Code that you are able to share to anyone. On the interactive JoinPD platform, teachers and pupils can interact.  One of JoinPD’s best features is its accessibility.