Who doesn’t love a v-neck top? It’s a style that is universally flattering. Whether you are wearing a form-fitting v-neck t-shirt or a loose, flowing silk blouse with a plunging neckline, you need the right bra to go underneath. Fortunately, there is no shortage of beautiful bras that will perfectly complement and support your v-neck aspirations.

    Plunge Bra

    Ah, the classic plunge bra. Whoever invented it deserves a Noble Prize. It not only lies beautifully under your v-neck tops, but it also enhances your cleavage just the right amount. It’s not too showy, not too flashy, but rather the right amount of subtly sexy.

    The choice is yours whether you go with a wireless bra or not. If you don’t need the extra support, you will likely be more comfortable with wireless. Also, consider whether you need lined or unlined. If your v-neck is a t-shirt or other close-fitting jersey material, you may want a lined plunge bra. It will give you more coverage and thwart nipple show-through.

    Half-Cup Push-Up Bra

    Here’s the perfect option for that silk blouse or deeply vee’d evening gown. Push-up bras enhance everything you’ve got and add a little extra into the bargain. With a half cup, you’ll have plenty of coverage and support while still allowing enough skin exposure for the v-neck.

    For your half-cup push-up bra to look its best, you need to know about bra cup sizes. If you wear a bra that’s a little too large, you’ll have embarrassing gapping whenever you move or bend over. If you go a little too small, you will simply be uncomfortable. Follow these steps for successful fitting:

    1. Put on an unlined bra and measure around your ribcage, right under your bustline. If it’s an even number add two, for an odd number add three. This is your band size.
    2. Measure your bust across the fullest point. Subtract the band number from the bust number. This number will give you your cup size.
    3. Zero is AA, one is A, two is B, three is C, four is D, and so on. 

    If it is difficult for you to take accurate measurements of yourself, get a friend to help or go to a local store that sells lingerie and ask for help.


    Bralettes are everywhere these days and are especially popular with younger women. They are less structured than traditional bras and are typically unlined and wireless. They promote comfort without giving up support. If you want to lounge around in a v-neck sweatshirt or otherwise take it easy with your v-neck top, this is a natural choice.

    Due to their lack of structure, bralettes can be a little different to fit. It may come in handy to know what your sister size bra is. These are bra sizes that are closely related to your size that you can try for a better fit. For example, if you are a 38B, you might wear a 40A or 36C also.

    Take your measurements and try lots of different styles under your v-necks. There are many options that will look great. Keep comfort and support in mind and you’ll find the best bra for you.